Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless Alarm Systems

Site Secured offers an exceptional wireless alarm system that is both rigid and highly advanced. The system is ideal for any environment due to its wireless nature. Installation is quicker and less destructive than any hard wired equivalent.

With the ever changing nature of a construction site the sensors are ideal as they can easily be relocated with minimal time and effort. As a hybrid of the NACOSS approved systems our sensors communicate with the central base station 24/7. If the system has a fault of any kind then it will alert the relevant people automatically.

As the needs of the site change the system is easily increased or decreased in size. The system is completely customizable and the removal or addition of sensors is seamless. Site Secured also make regular maintenance visits at no extra cost to ensure the system is always running to its maximum ability.

The Site Secured wireless alarm systems are all monitored 365 days of the year by our remote monitoring center. This ensures that at all times your site is being protected.

Remember, even if you have no power or phone line it’s not a problem with wireless alarm systems from Site Secured.