1.    Can wireless security systems be used anywhere?
Yes. Our systems are very versatile and can be run from batteries. No phone lines or other connections are required.

2.    Is there any situation where you could not go wireless?
No.  The wireless nature of our systems relies on a radio link.  If for any reason the system is not working as it should an engineer will be dispatched.

3.    Doesn’t the wireless equipment need power to run them?
Our alarm and RSI systems can be used where no power outlet is available.  Our CCTV systems require power like all other CCTV but this need only be a normal 13 amp supply.

4.    What happens when the batteries run out?
The unit will stop working only when the external power, battery and backup battery are diminished.  However notifications are sent to our team of engineers when power is low giving them plenty of time to change the batteries.

5.    How reliable are wireless systems?
Wireless systems depend on the ability to transmit radio signals.  We have never suffered from any kind of reliability issue to date regarding the wireless nature of the system.

6.    What kind of warrantees do you provide?
All our rented equipment is fully guaranteed during the rental period.
Servicing, repairs, replacement and rebuilding of a damaged product are charged at very reasonable rates (terms and conditions available on request).  We cannot guarantee to prevent theft or damage.  Our systems offer the most effective and economically viable means of reducing these risks.

If any of your questions or queries are not answered here then please do not hesitate to contact us.